1.7 I Need to Tell You

Jonathan and Alicea arrived at the sports bar about half an hour earlier than planned, and decided to have some nachos to snack on while they waited for Jonathan’s not-date date. “I didn’t know you liked sports” Alicea chuckled, looking around at the framed sports jackets, multiple television screens, and other sports paraphernalia. He looked … Continue reading

1.6 All Good Things…

Jonathan had picked up on something very true about Alicea. She really was the kind of girl who fell fast and hard when she found someone that struck her fancy. In the small town where she had grown up, there had never really been anyone that she’d liked in a romantic way. All the boys … Continue reading

1.5 A First Date

“Hey, Alicea!” Saul yelled from the other side of the street. He waited impatiently for a car to pass before he was able to cross the street to where she was standing. Alicea blushed. He was so handsome. “Hi…” She said shyly when he walked up to her. There was a few seconds of awkward … Continue reading

1.4 New Acquaintances

It was pretty exciting, logging on to the dating site every day to see if there were any new page visits or messages. Alicea quickly got addicted to the rush of it all, and she seemed to be quite popular, too. Who knew that a shy home body like her could actually be attractive to … Continue reading

1.3 How Could She Not Have Known?

Alicea got up early the next morning. Not really by choice, as Jonathan messing around in the kitchen was what had woken her up, but she was glad that she would get a chance to see him before he went to the training center. “Good morning!” she said cheerfully as she came out of her … Continue reading

1.2 The Big City

Alicea jerked upright and opened her eyes sharply as the cab came to an abrupt stop and the driver let out a “this is it!”. She had fallen asleep. Never mind being nervous, cold, in the middle of a bumpy car ride and absolutely starving. Apparently her body had still thought it an excellent time … Continue reading

1.1 The Imagination Girl

Alicea Radagast was never really a girl that anybody took notice of. Having grown up with her kind aunt and uncle in a sleepy small town, the teachers described her, if they could recall her at all, as a quiet well-behaved child from the day she stepped foot at the school. And as most people … Continue reading